CNC high-speed small-hole electric discharge machine A34CNC3

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Innovative Drill EDM with Automatic Electrode Changer. A Machine Designed with The Production Application in Mind.

In addition to high machanical rigidity, the outstanding performance and precision are kept.

It is provided with broad application, such as the hole which is adjustable its angle or successive processing of the hole of a different innner diamerter. This CNC high-speed small-hole electric discharge machine adopts a casting for the basic structure of the machine body, and achieves very high rigidity. Moreover, functionality and high accuracy of position were held and it has broad application, such as successive processing of the hole whose angle is adjustable, or the hole of a different inner diameter. Furthermore, by loading of the proprietary software, high speed motion always comes out possible, and it responds to the extensive needs of small-hole processing.


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Machine body

Work-table dimensions (width x depth x height) 400×490×64mm
Work tank inner dimensions (width x depth) 556×790mm
Table travel distance (X-axis x Y-axis) 300×400mm
W-axis processing head up-and-down distance 300mm
Z-axis servo feed distance 340mm
Diameter of the electrodes ø0.3-3.0mm
Processing-liquid tank capacity 20 Liter
Work maximun loading weight 300kgf
Machine body dimension (width x depth x height) 1446×1307×2526mm
Machine body weight 1200kgf
Machine installation dimension 2900×2000mm

Power-source part

The maximum input 20KVA
Input voltage AC200/220V, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz
The maximum average processing current value 40A
Processing-conditions preselection function IP change 23 steps
Ton changes 1-999 (μsec)
Toff changes 1-999 (μsec)
Condenser 0 to 15 step (16 to 31 step is an option)

Control device

Input method MDI ◌ Full keyboard
Display LCD TFT 15in.
Inch/mm ◌ (Manual and Program)
Position instruction system ◌ (Manual and Program)
The minimum drive unit mm 0.001mm (only the Z-axis 0.002mm)
inch 0.00004in. (only the Z-axis 0.0004in.)
Machining time indication
The number of control shafts MAX 6 (X · Y · Z · W) △ (A · B)
JOG feeding
Remote control
Memory storage/Hard disk 512MB / HDD 120GB
Soft start performance
Processing-conditions preset 1000 (0-999)
Auto mode setting-out function Processing auto Processing auto
Air-register data input function
Contact positioning buzzer
Main-shaft rotating-speed adjusting-function ◌ R9-0-L9
Servo speed-regulation performance ◌ 99
OS Windows XP professional

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