High-speed small-hole electric-discharge -machining unit

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Ideal for IN-Line Small-Hole Drill EDM for Fluid or Cooling Holes in Automotive and Aerospace Parts.

Components processing of the charge of super-hardwood by small-hole discharge etc. is proposed.
By application to mass production processing, secondary processing is unnecessary and it can be achieved to the higher efficiency of the production.

Since the high-speed small-hole electric-discharge-machining unit of ASTEC can build the optimal automatic processing system unrestricted according to the processing line of various components, the utilization field is substantially expandable. Small-hole electric discharge machining solves the trouble which is generated the burrs in in-line drilling process. Improvement in processing efficiency is excellent and the extensive improvement of the reduction of the processing cost of components or working hours is possible.

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Mechanical-system Z-axis assemble: 2Z400

Diameter of the electrode ø0.2-3.0mm
Z-axis servo feed distance 400mm
Z-axis servo system DC servo system
Electrode rotation system DC motor
Electrode rotating speed (maximum speed) 0 to 9 step (210rpm)

Processing power-source

Body dimension (width x depth x height) 250×640×1584mm
The maximum average processing current value 30A
The maximum input 3.5KVA
Input voltage AC200/220V 50/60Hz
Pulse-wave generation system Power Mos FET
Highest current value change 1 to 15 step
Pulse width control 1-999 (μsec)
Pulse pause width control 1-999 (μsec)
Processing-conditions preset(Mcon) 15 ways
Capacitor 0 to 8 step (9 step is option)