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We are looking forwoard what the future of the evolving machine tool.

About ASTEC Co., Ltd.

The source of the company name

Aztecan called "solar people" during 14-16th century and in Mexico central plateau by making Azteca civilization as an origin, prospered with advanced civilization. Technology has continued till the present age according to the Azteca civilization born here. ASTEC inherited the name from the Azteca civilization as an origin of the technology which will evolve into the 21st century.

We ASTEC is performing a dream-inspiring technique and product, and also a dream-inspiring company. Although the speed of technological innovation has evolved at a tremendous rate, we are the intentions of striving as a special manufacturer who can hear the customer's opinion well by steady pace carefully, and can be truly helpful to the customer in a daily development of the excellent product with high convenience and completeness, and manufactureing of it. We would appreciate your favor in the future.

代表取締役 馬場敏之

Corporate profile

Company name ASTEC Co., Ltd.
Establishment July, 1985
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Representative Representative director Toshiyuki Baba
Employee 28 persons
The content of our business Development and Sales business about the Electric Discharge Machine and its peripheral device, the involved business associated with the other equipments.
Feature We are the development-type technical group who tackles the research and development of the product which considered as important customer side-thinking as important focusing on the electric processing.
Subsidiary company Aska Corp.: Overseas sale and export-import business
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